dslog (in/out)


55000GPS from switched source no FTP Relay
55001CNAV yes/out this is switched usually CNAV
55002Simrad MX512 yes/in FTP Relay
55003Simrad MX512 yes/out  
55004Furuno GP90D no  
55005Furuno 1850 no  
55006Kongsberg DPS112 no  
55007CNAV to self for GPS UDP broadcast no  
55100Gyro no FTP Relay
55101Phins no Atlantis (ftp relay)
55102Phins no Atlantis
55103 Gyro yes/out  
55104 POSMV  
55200SPD no FTP Relay
55201 SPD yes/in  
55202 SPD yes/out  
55300 MEDIA no MEDIA Camera Ports
55400 MET Data yes/out FTP Relay (not implemented)
55401Port Vaisala yes/out  
55402Starboard Vaisala yes/out  
55403 SWR yes/out  
55404LWR yes/out  
55405PAR no/out  
55406RAD no/out  
55500 Science Saltwater System yes/out FTP Relay (not implemented)
55501SBE45 yes/out  
55502SBE48 yes/out  
55503WetLabs Fluorometer yes/out  
55504SSV feed to em122 yes/out  
55600 Multibeam no KN320B FTP Relay (inactive)
55601 EM122 serial to moxa no Atlantis
55602 EM122 centerbeam no
55603 Knudsen 320B yes/out  
55604 Knudsen 3260 no  
55605 EM710 to datalog no Armstrong
55606 EM710 centerbeam no Armstrong
55700 Science Equipment no  
55701 Gravimeter yes/out  
55702 Magnetometer no  
55703 ProLight Sign no  
55704 ADCP/UHDAS no  
55705 EM710/EM122 send XBT gps/depth/ack for ssv no  
55706 EM710 BIST data no  
55707 EM122 BIST data no  
55708 EM710 Water Column Noise data no  
55709 EM122 Water Column Noise data no  
55800 Ship's Equipment no  
55801 Winch 3PS no FTP Relay
55802 Alucia RAPP no Alucia RAPP winch for dsLog
55900 Process Data CSV no FTP relay
55901 Wyse Terminals no  
55902 multiple instruments dsLog out all instruments
55903 multiple instruments dsLog out rs485 instruments
55904 navest out to navG no sonardyne string revamped
56000 Science Data no  
56300 MOXA no  

* FTP Relay are UDP ports relayed by FTP for science. The relay program udp-broadcast-relay.whoi is started in ftp:/etc/rc.local

* dsLog out is going direct to FTP and the data is being used to 'feed' the sqlite3 database. These programs are located in: ftp:/usr/lib/cgi-bin/db_driven_data/status_screen.

* dsLog in are UDP ports that the dsLog program running on datalog is reading and logging.